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Case Studies

Case Studies

Just some of our many success stories

Michael Nicoletti

Laufer 1.jpg

Laufer Group International

"We are generating a lot more leads, more opportunities, and closing more deals with the exact type of clients we want to work with"

-Michael Nicoletti

Sales Analyst at Laufer Group International

Glemser 1.jpg


“The campaign has resulted in a significant increase in scheduled meetings with prospects and the most important thing which is leads that continue to convert into sales”

-Kevin Morgan

Sr. Vice President of Glemser

Kevin Morgan
Steve Scecchitano
Aesir Logistics .jpg

Aesir Logistics

“I’ve been getting so many responses from potential clients that some days I literally have to put them off to the end of the day because my inbox is overflowing”

-Steve Scecchitano

President of Aesir Logistics

Paragon .jpg


"Our lead volume is night and day since working with Royce Brook. We are producing 5x more leads if not more."

-Joe Villegas

Founder of Paragon Well-Being

Joe Villegas
Ryan Goor
CFT .jpg

Commercial furniture transport

“This campaign has worked way beyond our expectations. We connected with people across the country and we got many opportunities we would have never had the chance to get.”

-Ryan Goor
President of Commercial Furniture Transport

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