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Why Your Website SUCKS at Generating B2B Leads and What You Can Do About It

The feeling you get when the perfect lead reaches out to you through your website is truly magical. Although I’ve never hit the lottery (more than about $50) I have to imagine the feeling is similar to hitting a jackpot.

A person or company reaches out, has a need for your services and wants to purchase from you… Now imagine having that feeling on a daily basis. Sadly, that probably isn't the reality you live in right now. Of course, I don’t know you personally but from my experience working with hundreds of clients across nearly 60 industries, I can tell you that there is a clear pattern as to why these companies don’t generate leads from their website. Most marketing companies will tell you it’s because your website can’t be found on search engines or because you're not active on social media. While that is probably partly true, it’s not the whole picture. I get it, if someone can’t find your site when they are looking for your product or service, they can’t be your customer. With that being said, did you know that on average only 2% of website visitors take action on the first visit? That means 98% of the potential customers who are on your website leave never to return. I guarantee if you knew how many potential clients were on your website that didn’t reach out it would make you sick to your stomach.

Let’s go over the top 5 reasons why you’re not generating leads through your website.

Reason #1

You never focused on CONVERSION rate. That is just a fancy way to say, what percentage of people who come to your website take action. Let’s assume you are the average website, meaning 2% take action. If you work on increasing conversion rate to 4% you’ve literally just doubled your leads and didn’t spend an extra penny on marketing.

Reason #2

You have no video content on your website. Think about how short the average person's attention span is in 2019. Video is the most engaging content on the internet and by next year, it’s estimated that 82% of all website traffic will be video. Also, when companies use video content for marketing purposes, web traffic from search engines increases by 41%. In the b2b space, the relationship is critically important. All things being equal, people do business with who they know, like and trust. What could possibly be better at getting someone to know, like and trust your company than a video?

Reason #3

You're not advertising in the right places(or at all). It’s not good enough to just sit around and wait, you need to be in front of your ideal customer. There is a place to advertise that most B2B companies COMPLETELY ignore that is cheaper than Google and can often yield better results. That place is Facebook and you're probably shaking you head and saying "No one buys B2B services or products through Facebook, that only works for for consumer products". I am here to tell you that you could not be more wrong. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the 50+ age group. These are often times the type of buyers B2B companies look for. Plus, Facebook lets you LASER target your ads so they are shown to only your ideal customer. Add in the fact that the cost per click can sometimes be 99% less than Google PPC and you've got a winning recipe.

Reason #4

You don’t have any real calls to action on your website. “Contact Us Today” doesn’t count as a call to action! You need to create value for the prospective client so they HAVE to take action. This is done constantly in the B2B market but often forgotten in the B2B space. This doesn’t mean saying “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” or some gimmick like that. Why should customers work with you? What value do you provide? You need to come up with a “hook” that lives on your website that makes visitors take action.

Reason #5

You're great at what you do but you're not an expert in B2B marketing. You only have so much time in a day so you can't spend all your time taking on another job as the head of marketing. Luckily, you can go from a novice to a pro in very little time when your armed with the right knowledge. For a limited time, I'm providing free strategy calls to people interested in generating more B2B leads. You can sign up using the link below. During the call, I'll show you step by step how to solve every problem I’ve discussed. I'll also show you inexpensive tools I've used to increase leads by 300% in less than one month.

If you are ready to learn how to solve ALL of these problems and 5X your leads, reach out!

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