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How Marketing "Hooks" Can Triple Your Leads Overnight

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Are you ready to learn how to solve ALL of these problems and 5X your leads?


Do you have marketing “Hooks” inside of your business? I promise you if you don’t, you’re leaving thousands of if not potentially millions of dollars on the table. I’m going to show you exactly what marketing hooks are and how to use them in the short video above.

Let’s just for now, pretend for a second that your customers are fish, and you are on a boat. The fish are down there, you know they’re there, now all you want to do is reel them onto the boat and make them your customers, so you need a strategy. So, you’re thinking, “How do I get these fish onto the boat?”

Your goal is to catch as many as possible and you think of two potential options.

  • Get some bait, put it on a hook, and drop a line in the water.

  • Wait until you see one, jump in and try to hand it with your bare hands.

Which strategy is better? We’re laughing of course because the answer is obvious but now think about your website. 99% of people watching this training have three calls-to-action on their sight. They include, “Contact Us Today”, “Call Now”, “Schedule now”. It depends on what type of business you have but most B2B companies are trying to get their visitors on a call.

There is a major problem here and the problem is that these types of “Calls to Action” on your website are the equivalent of walking up to someone you find attractive and saying… “Hi. Nice to meet you. Will you marry me?”. Now of course, no one in their right mind would do that. It’s too big of a commitment right off the bat. This person doesn’t know you; they don’t like you; they don’t trust you, they don’t necessarily know you yet. However, this is exactly what your website is doing to your potential clients.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “So, what’s the secret?”.

You have to offer something with a perceived value to potential clients which will get their email address. This is key, and “Sign up for our newsletter” doesn’t cut it. It has no perceived value to your visitor. Nobody cares about a newsletter, there has to be something for them, something that will help them, something that answers the question “what’s in it for me?”.

Crafting your irresistible offer

The best way to start increasing leads from your website is by providing something of value for free in exchange for your visitor’s contact information.

Here are a few examples:

  • PDF Guide (Pricing, Catalog, Etc)

  • Coupon/Discount/Limited Time

  • Free Webinar

  • Scripts/Templates/Resources

  • Consultation/Estimate

  • Free + Shipping

  • Free Trial

  • Quiz

  • Case Studies/Reports

Your prospects are swimming around your website and right now, you have no way of grabbing them because you don’t have any actual hooks. This is why you need to have clear and precise Calls to Action which are valued by your prospects.

Here are a few more examples I can give you that I know work and have worked for many other of our clients who have generated 10-20 times more leads just by having a clear and valuable Call to Action on their website.

Having a “25$ off your first order pop-up” or a “Free Shipping” pop up on your website will give value to the customer while you receive their credentials. It really is a Win-Win situation. This is of course more within the B2C world, however, even if you’re B2B and you’re selling a product or service to other businesses you can still give them some type of guide or catalog that would be valuable to their business.

Getting away from specific examples, I want to dive into how we start crafting our hooks.

Try to think about ads you’ve clicked on for other companies. Why did you click those ads? More importantly, you contacted the company for more information, why did you do that?

Here are a few bad and good examples of hooks.

Bad Hook Examples:
  • We have 50 years of experience. Contact Us Today.

  • Call Us Today: We can save you time with your solution

  • Many people are overpaying for their security services, and we can help. Contact us to learn more.

  • Most companies don’t get enough online leads. We help increase inbound leads for you.

Good Hook Examples:
  • See why our client’s report 80% less issues with their logistics after switching to our company. Watch our webinar now.

  • Our clients report nearly 5 hours per week of saved time PER employee using our software. Get a free demo now.

  • Want to know how we saved a local real estate company over $432,000 per year on their security costs? Download this case study now.

  • Get a free Custom Battle Plan to increase your leads by 486% without investing in SEO, PPC, or social media marketing.

The difference here is very clear and what we’re doing is using a similar hook, but we sharpened it. We have added more in-depth information, the information we are giving is now clearly stating pain points and creating value, while building know, like and trust before we even speak to the customer. We are giving them the perceived value behind our statement… we are creating a Win-Win situation.

It's crucial to remember that we’re giving the customer perceived value.

People will always take the path of least resistance. The relationship has just started, you’re just getting to know these people and they’re just getting to know you. You need to make it easy for them to come into your ecosystem. So, once you capture their email, you can market to them, you can send them follow-up sequences, etc. There is so much more you can do once you have that information. That’s why it’s so important to get that email address and trade it for perceived value.

So, I want to give you a challenge to help you out on your journey on mastering hooks. I want you to come up with 3 hooks you can use on your website or in your marketing and get them implemented within the next 3 weeks.

We are very passionate about growing other people’s businesses and there are so many minor changes and tweaks you can make that will allow your business to grow massively. We help our clients do this everyday and it has changed their entire business for the better. We want to give some of that to you as you’re watching this video completely for free.

I promise you; this will allow you to scale your business and increase your lead generation as well as sales funnel. Of course, if your website is not getting any traffic at all then this is not the first step to solve your problem. The hook can be perfect, however, if there’s no fish in the sea then there’s nothing to catch. I can however guarantee that most of you watching this video already have fish in the sea (traffic on your website), but you don’t have a way to reel them in. You have no lines in the water with bait on them. Get these steps implemented all across your website, get rid of the bad ones. Create perceived value and start building a relationship with your future leads and current website prospects.

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