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More Conversations = More Business
It's no secret you can be successful with LinkedIn. The problem is it takes hours on end every single day. Or at least it used to until we showed up!

We run comprehensive LinkedIn lead generation campaigns to help increase connections.
How it Works In a Nutshell
First, we help you identify your ideal target on LinkedIn

Next, we help you create a series of 4 messages.

Then we go in each day and connect with 30 - 40 prospects and begin your messaging sequence, over 1,000 per month.

We drip feed your series of messages to these prospects over a 4 week span.

On average 30% to 40% accept the connection requests and about 10% of those will turn into warm leads.

This means you'll see huge gains in your connections and warm conversations each month.

We do the hard work.
You close the deals.

Let us handle the mundane task of connecting, messages, and keeping track of who should get what message.
Once a prospect responds, we let you jump in and take it from there.

It makes your life easy and allows you or your sales rep to spend time on what matters most, warm leads.

How it Looks From Your End

We don't need much  from you to get started. Once you sign up you'll be directed to complete a couple easy steps.
  • Answer Questionnaire: We'll send you a quick questionnaire to fill out so we can get a better idea of your ideal customers
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: In order for us to target your ideal customers you will need to be signed up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It's about $80/month and that is paid directly to LinkedIn. It's honestly worth it's weight in gold.
  • Kick Of Call: We don't want to leave anything to chance! That is why we schedule a kick off call to talk to you personally and get a better understanding of your business.

What You Can Expect 

After we finish the messaging and targeting you'll have a chance to review our work and we'll make revisions based on your feedback.

Once you approve everything we start the campaign directly from you (or your sale's reps) LinkedIn account.

We begin connecting and messaging your prospects as if you were there doing it manually. We only stick to the script so you can be sure your messaging is consistent with your brand.

Once a prospect responds, that's your cue or your sales rep's cue) to jump in and take over the warm conversation.

From there you can just focus on your normal sales process, we do all of the legwork for you.

What You Get

  • Increased Connections: We send over 1,000 connections per month from your account.
  • Detailed Targeting: We make sure to connection with only your ideal prospects.
  • Warm Leads: We get the conversation started so you can close the deal. 

Monthly Price: 
$1,497 per account
Have more than 1 sales rep? 
Contact us for bulk discounts.

Common FAQS

What Happens After I Buy?

Once you complete you purchase you'll receive a welcome email from our team. Inside the email will be a link to a quick questionnaire and a link to schedule a kick off call with our team.

Who's account are you sending messages from?

We are logged into and sending messages from your account (or your sales rep's account). We always stick to the approved script and once someone responds then you (or your sales rep) takes over the conversations. This ensures the lead always gets the right information.

How Many Leads Will I Get?

That depends on your industry, experiences, and offering. We're connecting with real people so the numbers can vary based on the individual client. That being said, we can share the averages with you. Out of the 1,000 people we connect with on your behalf, typically 30% to 40% accept those requests. Out of those people we typically spark warm conversations with 5% to 10%. That translates into 15 to 30 new conversations per month with your ideal customers!

How Long Does the "Set Up" Take?

Typically it takes about 2 weeks for us to get everything ready for your campaign. Don't worry though, you're official first month doesn't start until the day we begin sending messages! That means you're not charged for the set up at all.

Do You Have Long Term Contracts?

Nope! We believe in proving our value every single month. All we ask for is a 10 day cancellation notice. 

Do You Have Any Guarantees?

Yes! While we can't guarantee sales we do guarantee we'll send at least 1,000 new connection requests per month. If we don't we give you your money back!
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